Role of planet moon in astrology

Hence, Tara the wife of the Jupiter got infatuated by the personality of the Moon. Hence, Tara and Moon developed illicit relationship. As a result, the planet Mercury Budh took birth. The planet Jupiter got angry with this and cursed Mercury to be eunuch. That is why; the planet Mercury is called eunuch planet.

The planet Moon has got emotional attachment with the mom and kids. It is lovingly called Chandmama. There are many rhymes pertaining to Moon for the mischievous and inconsolable child. The rhymes have got a great impact for solacing the kids. The moon is called a planet in the astrology as it has got impact on human being and all living beings.

The moon is considered to be the most important planet in the birth chart according to Vedic astrology. The ascendant or Lagna is the most powerful house in the horoscope.

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The moon plays a significant role in the field of astrology while predicting human fate. Moon is so important that the horoscope is considered from the Moon also. This is called Chandra Lagna. I am going to set an example as to why the planet Moon is powerful in the Vedic astrology. If the planet Sun is considered as the king, the moon is considered as queen. Because the own sign of the planets are taken into account from Sun and Moon. While all these planets are own signed clockwise from Cancer the sign of Moon.

Importance of Moon in Vedic Astrology

Hence, it is apparent that the Moon has got a great significance in the field of Indian astrology. The planet Moon is exalted in the Taurus till 3 degree.

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The exalted moon is considered to be the most powerful moon in the birth chart. It makes the person highly imaginative and creative. The result of the Moon should be considered from the house it is placed.

If the planet owns the 9 th house for scorpion ascendant and gets exalted in the Taurus in the 7 th house in Kendra, the moon is considered to be the most powerful. The planet Moon is the 9 th lord that signifies fate and fortune. It brings money, wealth and social status when it is exalted in the 7 th house. The planet Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio that is just opposite to Taurus.

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Numerology Number 8 Predictions. It also touches us more deeply than most planets. As the ruler of the tides, it is fitting that the Moon should be the ruler of our emotions. Still waters run deep? Making waves?