Vedic astrology in money matters scribd

Never speculate without knowing the healthiness of the stocks.

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Atleast do not risk your money for hearsay or least known stocks. If you dry up your funds souring capacity, you will be in a dire strait to retrieve the position because at that stage, it becomes difficult to meet the requirements of margins and financing charges and you have to sell out vour stocks at a loss. Small timers always become fodder for the big ones and they can ill afford to speculate because occasional speculators seldom make profits.

An astute player m i hlM in the stocks when others ignore them and sells them nil whi'n others get involved in buying. These are the key WokIn lor the fringe players who are at the verge of entering lOlo this dilcey yet very challenging business of speculations in n! However, if the planetary ItlI gurations are potent enough to yield wealth, the "illon will arise when? Here the astrological factors such liming of events, comes handy.

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Therefore, if a trader acts tit III the favourable time, there is every possibility of piling success. In I ndia we find references of astrological renderings in the ancient scriptures like Ramayana and Mnhabharata. In the modern time, scientists of great eminence like Isaac Newton had reposed great faith in this divine science and recognised the effects of celestial bodies over the terrestrial activities. He infact himself was an ardent astrologer. He once retorted his pupil who had disregarded and ridiculed astrology by saying "I have studied these things and you haven't". This was a befitting answer to those who are scepticals about the efficacy of the astrologv, as their ostentations are based on the high conduct and achievements of science.


Now there are many renowned scientists and astronomers who are getting inclined towards this astronomical based science and none have any doubt over the fact that there exists an intricate relationship between celestial disturbances and terrestrial happenings. The credit of discovering some of the fundamental cosmic laws regulating the universe and inhabitants of the earth goes to the ancient sages. All this perhaps has been possible due to vibrant consciousness activated through yogic method and Divya Drishti Divine power. Scientists and Astronomers can say with accuracy what iii I is happening in the universe but what they are incapable ul doing is relating these activities with the behaviour of human beings.

The treatises propounded by our great seers have a clear message , lh. This what astrology is all about. The le,irned astrologers have created time co-ordinated system which transcended ordinary human frontier and established ,i lime link between the happenings on the earth and in the rest of universe. This conception later on became an ideal I nr the astrologers who needed some mechanism to refer r. The planets initially assumed entities fjto be worshiped. At its final i. A secret that mind exerts di rect infl uence on the outer world, now ,u knowledged by the psychologists, was well known to the liMi neds of this science long before.

Time evolution is allied1 lo I lie astrological perception. The planets are the testification ol matter and these planets are under constant motion in l he universe space. Their movements are governed by time.

I he linkage between "Time Space" and "Matter" become the h. I t does control the hustling movements of trading overtures and'cause market fluctuations stir, fuss and arao that make the tradesman reel iifoCjry under its pressure. All this topsy-turvy happenings are the game plan of the heavenly forces in which human bodies are the players remotely controlled therefrom to which we call cosmic laws. The market fluctuations as has been amplified in the ACCryUU r introductory part, are caused by the starcity or excessiveness of a particular item.

This gives way tp. The 1. These realms of nature transcend from the cosmic energy and disturbances are caused in the universe. It is a settled phenomena that NATURE does play an important role or for that matter is a key factor in stablising and destabilising the market prices and other ups and downs in the whole gamut.

In a common parlance, nature relates to the whole frame of the universe which explains how time, matters and other mundane factors are closely inter-linked with the causation of the spectrum of the forces of the universe such as magnetic currents, radiations and gravitions which emanate from the heavenly bodies.

Since the cosmic rays at one point of time penetrate at variant angles and intensities on different areas countries over the earth, the diverse results are observed in various places of the world at the same period. Some places of the world I, destructions due to natural calamities and yet another pin is nf the globe enjoy boom and prosperity.


These factors, in the tore of ini i miomy and astrology, are attributed to the cosmic disturbances caused by the alterations and changing i. It clearly focusses on the fact that celestial bodies do dominate the global. I terns largely depend upon the availability. What makes sliitriages or surpluses? Why all these fluctuations occur? I he answer is quite simple.

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As already clarified that the movements of the heavenly bodies in the clestial sphere i usite disability in every terrestrial activity and these i ommercial events are not beyond their influences. To illustrate this phenomenon, we may say that the luminaries regulate the atmosphere, thereby they control the environment which besides other things, command the human mind. Full moon days generate high tides in the ocean due to intense attractions between the Sun and the Moon having been positioned at an opposite longitudinal distance on lliis day. There could never be an Earthquake or other physical disturbances of any kind but for the interaction and mutual attraction of planetary forces.

Similarly, the interplay of the heavenly bodies also influences crops, productions, rise and fall of market prices and other economic activities. This is a matter beyond dispute, otherwise, the ocean would be tideless without volatising power of attraction exerted by the luminaries. The Sun with its solar system forms one harmoneous and balanced whole and every member of this system interact each other to generate viberations and magnetic fields to regulate the activities on the earth. The apperant determinants of these factors, to a common man, could be just a principle of supply and demand, but the origin of this concept lies in the celestial objects which electrify the earth with their radiations and viberations according to their dispositions in the universe.

When prices of commodities are appreciated or get depressed, it is attributed to bad or good crops and such status of crop is again accredited to favourable and unfavourable atmospheric conditions.

The status of a particular commodity or item could be analysed by taking into consideration, the positions of planets through such items get vitalised. In this dynamic world, every thing or situation is i limiting. The change is either fast or slow, but change is a Hill!

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Under this ever changing scenario, the consequential Mmliiatxons in the commercial activities are not the matter nl h i m prise. Astrologically we know' that these changes are brought about by the displacements of planets and other i rlr. Niial determinants and once the reasons of changes are I loured out, the element of surprise get vanished.

The At times, an individual brings conceptual changes In llu' entire system, society and a country, due to strong liivourable influences over his nativity. I'or example in the early part of s, Mr. Harshad Mi lita an astute share broker who made fortune by diligently manipulating the share markets and also taking advantage ol the lppp holes in the banking systems of the country. He amassed millions of rupees in a short span of time.

He with his unscrupulous moves, changed the whole complexion of I ho share markets. He made this business so vibrant that ovory second person, in those days got involved in it. Mehta went whole hog in speculatory buyings and raised market tempo artificially through manipulation of the stocks wilh the connivance of the authorities.

His horoscopic chart is placed below. Rahu Mars Sat. Venus Sun Rahu In the birth chart, J upiter, Mercury and Ketu are conjoining the 10th house which speaks of professional dishonesty. Exalted Saturn, the lord of the 5th house speculation and wisdom and also of the 6th house, is posited in the 2nd house Wealth and aspecting therefrom, the 8th house wind fall and the 11th house gains and also 11th lord.

Jupiter, Karnka of wealth though badly afflicted, aspects Saturn in the 2nd house. All these combinations depict tumultuous income through speculatory activities by employing unethical means. Again, retrograde Mars, the lord Celestial phenomena 27 I lie Hlh house casting its aspects on the 10th and the 11th Id him", and also on the Sun and the Moon, the lords of the 1,'lh and I he 11th houses.

He ran out of luck and mel with a sudden down fall. The lesson that could be drawn from this episode is that how an individual, when the time and planetary disposition Were in his favour, brought a sea change in the share markets. I lie power of celestial bodies are greatly evident in many pecuniary cases of rag to riches in a short spell. He became multi millionaire and one of the richest persons in U.

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  • This shows how the radical planetary pn-. These principles are equally-applicable in the terrestrial changes which we often observe. All the events and activities are meticulously guided and influenced by the cosmic radiations resulted from the planetary interactions. Business activities can not but also I'. Once some one gets engaged in any type of trading activity or enter market to transact. Thousands of persons who are indulging in the marketing and carry out different transactions hardly know II t their movements and mental faculty are being contrived and impelled by the inperceptible laws actuated by the heavenly bodies.

    To interpret the cosmic laws is where astrology manifests incredible knowledge and logical explanations. If the general rules set forth in the astrology are duly accounted for and the impact and influences of the planetary forces are superimposed over the market inputs, pricing behaviour and the world's economic scenario, many puzzling and mystifying situations get resolved. But even these perplexed happenings have some rhythm or pattern which an astute person is only able tc identify. Speculation is not considered, by many, a righteous deed and keep off it due to the fear of getting hooked, But it is not realised that in any venture or pursuit, their is some lurking doubt whether it ends up favourably or not.

    Like this, any activity is fathomed with an element of risk which does not mean that there should be no movements.