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Astrology reflects the principle that nothing in the universe is at once so simple or so complicated as man himself, from the simple human traits inherent in all humans at birth to the complexity of specific personality and behavior patterns of a single individual. Desirable and undesirable characteristics repeat themselves in the individuals of countless generations, appearing only slightly altered by the history of changing circumstances.

Specific traits indicated as belonging to one astrological sign does not deny the fact that people born in any of the other eleven signs also possess these traits. What it means is that hundreds of years of recorded astrological observations have shown that certain traits are more prominent in the personality and temperament of those born in one sign than in another.

That is the reason, for example, that moodiness becomes a trait associated with one sign or loquaciousness the hallmark of another.

The Magic of Astrology: Zodiac Compatibility for Love

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That is, which duos will make good lovers? Use the tools below to discover how different signs match, to find your sign, or to learn more about any of the 12 signs. The Chinese Zodiac is thousands of years old and easily predates its Western counterpart. Even today, millions of believers across the globe consult the Chinese Zodiac regularly.

Chinese Astrology and Compatibility.