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It has gone for a quick approval and will show up shortly on our website. Thank you for writing a review. Once the moderator approves the review, users will be able to view your review on mydala. Write a review for M Veeramani Astrologer Kothrud. Hi Hemanth, Thanks for nice post. Just wanted to know have your reading come true so far. I am really keen to know that as i have heard a lot about it.

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Hi all, Gone thru all ur comments. Even I had my nadi reading done in Hyderabad, Aandhra Pradesh. Even I experienced all those shocking moments.

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I came back to him with the correct one and asked him to see once again. And to my surprise, My friend also had his reading done and nothing happened to him as predicted. They said he would go to foreign for higher studies, stay there for 2 yrs and then he will get a job there with good pay and all.. But out of my surprise..

Nothing happened as predicted. Now few days back, I went to tat place and asked him to re check mine and take out my kalyana kandam. After knowing my friends story now i don wanna go der as i feel it is all fake and nothing is gng to happen except waste of money.. Hello - I completely agree with your experiences as I have myself been the receipient of past and future predictions being made about me.

Large parts of the same have come true. It is an ancient occult science and should be given the due respect it deserves. Hello Hemanth, Firstly,I would like to admit that am completely overwhelmed by the contents of your blog. The articles on ancient history of Tamilnadu and various unique practices of Tamils, which has been widely accepted and appreciated not to mention surprised people globally are definitely knowledge treasures. Myself a proud tamilian, have always been intrigued by the mysterious land of Tamil Nadu and its history.

Blogs like yours are a god send. Really appreciate your time and efforts to keep our wonderful culture alive. I guarantee that i am not yet another Tamil fanatic who is obsessed with the language. I do respect and research on world history. However,Tamil stays close to my heart.. Hi Hemanth, Your story is very nice. When i am searching for naadi jothidam experience i came across your blog. This post is nice. I am also searching for the good naadi predictor.

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Can you please provide the center of naadi jothidar where you went. So only it will be more usefull for us.

I am from Chennai only. Please tell the address of naadi jothidam center. I cant able to see that address. Can you please send it to my mail id ashunmugapriya gmail.

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Hey hemanth, U r a good writer i must say really good post can u pl share me the details of ur nadi astrolger my email id is anksahani yahoo. Please send the address of that nadi astrologer in my id ranianitha gmail. Dear Hemanth, You got good writing skill dude!! I was reading it just like a suspense thriller and indeed it was. But still skeptism rules me. As you said, nothing beats our direct experience regarding ou believs. So please email the address of that Nadi center to this address appu. Hi Hemanth, Can you please provide me with the address and phone number of the place.

I am currently in Denmark and will travel to India by the end of this month. I am in urgent need of this. Hemanth, hope you won't mind if I share my story here - I read somewhere that these scriptures were for a few chosen ones and that their eternal quest will eventually carry them to their naadi.

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So I start out one morning on a drive to know my fate through the hellish Bangalore traffic, with auto drivers and bikers frequently interrupting my attempt to establish a divine connection …. I was asked to leave my shoes and to be seated. My fingerprint was taken. Been asked to pay namaskar to the scriptures.. I was not exactly what you call a good guy in my past birth. I tortured my wife dude gimme a break!! Again a stream of cock-n-bull stuffs. Now this was getting boring and I started feeling irritated.

No specific prediction, all very generic lines like you will have small problematic incidents with your wife, you have to handle her with care etc. I was given to understand that, THAT chapter is a very special one, and not too many asks for it. They can fetch it from Tamilnadu and if found they will give me a call back. Paid the money, back to my car and lit a cigarette. Those who are still interested,The address - ,No 16,3rd main,3rd cross ,hoysala nagar,ramamurthy nagar,bangalore Land Mark: Hi all, For all those who would like to know the address of this Naadi centre, I would like to request you to go to The Enlightened Niche's Facebook page and message us there, to receive the address of this place.

Please note that the blog or the author doesn't advocate this independent naadi institution in any way. Individual discretion is advised.

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At these times, try helping someone in distress. Wipe a few tears, fill an empty stomach, make barren lips smile. Somehow your own problems get solved miraculously. Hi All, Can any one kindly send me the Genuine nadi astrology center. So, that I will check life too. I am requesting you to guys kindly help me please. No one ll believe it, until they experience it. I'm glad you were able to experience it, Lakshmikanth! Over the past few years, I've been carefully studying things around this matter.

I'm thinking of summarizing all my experiences and findings in another blog article! Don't belive Nadi I met 5 Nadi astrologers what they told entirely went wrong because of them I left job to find new job as they told but I'm not getting job now I m jobless. Hi Hemanth, Read ur posts n comments. I am quite interested in astrology.