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Sun and Moon are taken as planets and not as a star or satellite respectively. The last 2 are not physical entities. These are imaginary points in space where the axis of moon and sun relative to earth overlap. These two entities are hence mathematical calculations as opposed to the other 7 objects which are observable entities in space. Rahu and Ketu effect a horoscope and individual strong enough to be considered as independent planets themselves.

These are by definition always degrees from each other.

Next step is the 12 houses. Regarding ownership, when a planet rules 2 signs, one of its signs is its main or more important sign and the other is the lesser one. This is a relative concept, regardless of which the planet involved presides over both the signs. Rahu and Ketu do not own any signs as they are not physical entities. However they are co-rulers of some signs as mentioned later. The 12 Bhaavs houses represent hundreds of things each.

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Hence this list below is not comprehensive but aims at pointing to at least some important significations of each of the bhaavs-. Hence 12 th to any bhaav is the loss of that bhaav. Similarly as 9 th house is house of good luck and destiny, 12 th to it or 8 th bhaav is the bhaav of destruction and bad luck.

Another way to look at bhaavs is in respect to our relatives. Example the 9 th is the father. After this top level approach to signs and houses. Next I will write about the basic significations of the planets themselves, after which one can start running some gears in their heads. For example Sun signifies father among hundreds of other things.

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Since 9 th house also signifies father, when sun rules or sits in the 9 th house in a horoscope, the effect of father are now very strongly being represented by Sun. It could also be possible that I m not putting in persistent effort and lack patience. This is also the reason why I m not able to devote time to further my interest in astrology.

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What I am planning to do is to make some case study videos in the form of screen cast and post the links here. This will be quicker and more efficient than writing longer articles. I believe learning theory is always better in text whereas learning case studies can be more efficient with me doing screencast videos while explaining a horoscope on the software. I have also heard that this change affects only the Dasas when Jupiter will bring the significations of the 6th quarrels etc to the 7th house and cause issues in relationships. Thank you.

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  • Bhaav placements affects dasas and weakens any bad or good yogas caused by the planet as the bhaav is shifting. Yes Always a good practice to see the ascendant nakshatra in addition to sign lord. The strength and placement of ascendant as well as moon nakshatra lord is important in the chart.

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    • Sign lords will still dominate. Only the KP school of thought, which is a very recent astrological school of thought believes that Nakshatra lord is more important than sign lord.

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      Sign lord always more important that nakshatra lord which is more important that any divisional lord. For example ascendant at 3 degrees in Taurus. All 3 will dictate the power of ascendant and hence the overall horoscope. Please clarify.. Your Krittika example is talking about the ascendant nakshatra.

      I was led to think that the moon nakshatra is probably invalid in this context just because your example did not cover it. I understand what you meant. Sri VS: If saturn is sitting in the 8th house Taurus asc, in good dignity , I have heard that Saturn significator of fear seated in the 8th fear, emotional turmoil removes the fear. If true, is this a positive effect due to Karaka Bhava Nash? I heard the same about Mars in the 6th.. For example mars in virgo or saturn in leo will not give your results but quiet the opposite.

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      VS, I realize that this question is a little hazy, kindly clear it up for me. I see another based on Shadbala. The latter one makes me conclude the bala is not based on just D Does it mean, for example, the bala of the 3rd house in D-1 also includes the bala of the D-3 if there is such a thing? Please bear with me and clear this mess in my mind. You can find it on amazon and Scribd perhaps. Is this correct? Sri VS: I read that the 8th from the Upapaada lagna arudha from the 12th house gives a pointer to the longevity of a marrital life.

      If so, assume that the 4th house from Lagna taurus has mars manglik and the 8th from the UL happens to be the 4th house; how would I assess that? So please stop asking such questions like what does mars do in Taurus or 4th or 8th from somewhere. It can do hundreds of things as you should know by now. Sri VS: If the lord of the 6-th is Saturn and it not in good dignity, can it cause issues for maternal uncles..

      Thanks VS. So, if you want to see how the n-th bhaav is doing, you will also look at n-th bhaav from where the asc Lord is posited? Is my understanding correct here? Ss that because exalted Merc is very playful and will treat the dreaded matters of the 8th lightly? A functional malefic sitting in the most dreaded 8th Bhava..

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      Is that the worst nightmare anybody can have? Is there any remedies to tone down the effects of such placement especially if the running Dasa is also the same planet? Sri VS: For an Cancer asc, if saturn sits in Capri, the 8th lord sits in the seventh, a pessimistic way of looking at it.

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      What is your observation on this position? Look at the planets in 1, 3 and 11 houses also. Correct me id I am wrong.. From a similar reasoning, can we would look at the 11th from an ill-effects angle as the 6th from the 6th? What would be the logic? So, 6th from 6th would be obstruction to obstruction removal of obstruction? It is Kaam trikona — represents desires, which are the root of all evil.