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I gave them my thumb print and took 2 weeks to get my leaf from Chennai.

THen they started with some general statements which were somewhat correct- about health especially and gave some predictions. THe predictions seem contradictory to my life plan but who knows. IMO they asked to many questions for this to sound legit. They dont ask for money until after your leaf is found so you could probably try them out.. If they ask too many questions, then you should probably move on.

5,000-year-old astrological tradition thrives in Punjab (Feature, With Image)

I paid them about Rs. Can someone please suggest a genuine center near Tiruvannamalai? Does the reading cost anything? I had visited above Nadi center in Pune in and found them to be very accurate about the future predictions happened in , and !

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Can you please share your experience with them? I have visited them in Jan Can you please share your feedback?

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No in tamilnadu … parents will name their child in pre consultation with astrology … everything is like a puzzle … everything is related and recorded … great method by our tamil scientists in ancient history … and other things will fit common for all …. I beg to differ.

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Not all Nadi Jyotish Kendras are filled with frauds. A couple of my close friends have gone to Tanjavur and gotten their readings done. It was absolutely authentic. Anilkumar Babubhai Acharya Chhayashastri is the twelfth generation practicing this form of fortune telling, being followed by his sons Pratik Anilkumar Acharya Chhayashastri and Chintan Anilkumar Acharya Chhayashastri , the thirteenth generation. The elder generation initiates the process of imparting this knowledge to the younger generation from an early age of 3 years.

After 15 to 20 years of continuous education, puja and practice under the guidance of the elders, the Shastra is mastered. The study and evaluation of "Dreams", commonly known as "Dream Reading" has existed in the Hindu religion since ancient times. It is said that he got his Bhrigu Samhita Granth from Nepal which was later sold to some Pandit in Lucknow after his death. The Bhrigu Samhita practitioners have different types of texts manuscripts with them.

We can broadly categorized them in three formats. They then search for your Bhrigu leaf from the manuscript based on some secret mathematical calculations done on your horoscope.

Nathulal Vyas

Based on some calculations they find your Bhrigu leaf and give you the readings. Late Pandit Des Raj of Hoshirpur was famous for doing this. They then look for the answer written in the manuscript for the question put by client. This is called Bhrigu Prashna system and it was famous after a manuscript from Meerut come out in the market on this subject. Many Bhrigu readers have this manuscripts published from Meerut in the 20th of Century. He is more than 80 years of age and is practicing this subject since he was I met him in the last week of February and took a small interview of his.

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He left his home when he was 25 years of age and started wandering for about 10 years to learn astrology and Sanskrit. He met saint late Bhaktawar Ji in Varanasi who taught him this mysterious subject of Bhrigu system.

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He then went back to his home town and started practicing Bhrigu readings. Since then thousands of people have taken Bhrigu readings from him which include many famous politicians and industrialist of the country. Pandit Nathu Lal Vyas got the attention of national media when his prediction given to Prathiba Devi Patil of reaching very high post become successful.

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  4. In Smt. Pandit Nathu Lal give both life readings and Prashna horary readings as per the Bhrigu system. He do not take any fee and just accept donations from the people visiting him for their Bhrigu readings. He ask for the horoscope and also see the palms for doing his secret calculations to find a number. There are 12 such laminated sheets of paper and each of those 12 circular shapes are figured having name of planets and some numbers.

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